Visual Structures & Data Stories

Projects and datasets from the first visualization class
at D&I Tongji University - Spring Semester 2016

Beats X Seasons

How the energy of seasons influence the music we listen to?

Cocktails Wheel

Maps and app that visualize 48 cocktails, by ingredients, flavors and appearances

Cut the Fruits!

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Guide to Shanghai Hotpots

Mapping flavors and regions of the many different hotpots that you can find in Shanghai

Chinese Social Behavior in Relation to Porn

A small field research about how Chinese people behave in everyday life in relation with their awareness about sex

Changing Trends

Overview on Religious Developments in Asia from 1970 to 2010

The Beatles

The discography visualized by colors and mood

Queuing in the Toilets

Why female only waiting in public bathrooms?

A guide to Toothpastes

When choosing toothpastes, customers are always attracted by the package color. So companies all have their own brands' color as the identity

Trump & Chinese Opinions

The United States of Twitter / The People's Republic of Weibo: A comparative analysis of social media data from China and US on the subject of Donald J. Trump´s presidential campaign

The affects of videogames

Analysis of videogames market and styles

Women Security in China news

In this project we offer a statistical analysis of woman attack incidents of 2014, 2015 and 2016, based on cases reported by Chinese media; in the second part is the statistical analysis of the questionnaire of social apathy problems

The datavis course

With pride and simplicity we present the first curriculum course at D&I exclusively around and about mapping and visualization: these are the results of a five weeks experiment with visual narratives, learning about -what is and -how to design with information and data. In these pages you'll find the visualizations of extended data stories that we have been developing from the very very scratch: by finding topics interesting to be investigated, going in the field and in the dark to browse data, collecting, polishing and creating datasets, and finally giving a visual shape to them, by sketching and coding. All the projects in this exhibition tackle social issues, cultural topics, and try to explore humanities in its variety of forms, expression, and looking at the details. It has been our way to use design tools, and in particular diagrammatic and mapping languages, to approach, understand, and communicate the complexity of the urban systems and the social networks that we live into. All the projects have been developed starting from original research interests of the students. These visualizations are dense of meanings, they don't have to be seen, they are meant to be read. Take your time.

我们荣幸又简要地向诸位呈现 关于地图绘制与视觉 化的首次展览:这些作品来自于过去一个学期中进 行的关于视觉叙事的实验成果,我们学习什么是信 息和数据设计,以及如何去做。 你还会看到我们用视觉化 手段呈现的用四周时间发展完善的数据故事:我们 寻找有趣的调研主题,进入田野和未知领域搜寻、 采集、完善数据并建立数据库,最后用图示和编码 的方式赋之予形。 此次展览中的所有项目都涉及社会议题、焦点主题 ,并尝试透过人文的视角来表达和审视这些细节。 这是我们使用设计工具的方式,特别是采用图表化 、地图化的语言,来接近、理解并传达我们生活的 城市系统和社会网络的复杂性。 这些视觉化作品含义丰富,它们未 必显而易见,唯有阅读可以释放它们。


Spring 2016 - MA | Information & Data Viz

Designers 安妍 AN Yan, Ottla Arrigoni, 白慧 BAI Hui, Carl Fredrik Beckius, O. Roko Belavic, Elisa Blanchetti, Dalila Bonomi, Kai Christian Dreyer, 杜晓君 DU Xiaojun, Vera Fantinelli, Sara Gabbioni, 范光瑞 FAN Guangrui, 韩瑞 HAN Rui, 何 荣星 HE Rongxing, 何兆阳 HE Zhaoyang, Martin Holmann Gonzalez, 胡云凤 HU Yunfeng, Giuliano M. Guarini, 谷菡 GU Han, 姜瀚 JIANG Han, Neema Kafwimi, 李景成 LI Jingcheng, 李天盈 LI Tianying, 李彤 LI Tong, 刘大畅 LIU Dachang, 刘小勇 LIU Xiaoyong, Alexandra Lunardi, 吕凌婕 LV Lingjie, Anna Meda, 苗雪晴 MIAO Xueqing, 潘梦真 PAN Mengzhen, Cecilia Picello, 秦璐 璐 QIN Lulu, Beatrice Rizzi, Marina Romano Dumas, Manuel Roßner, Catalina Villa Melendez, 王智丽 WANG Zhili, 邬诗雨 WU Shiyu, 徐晨 XU Chen, 杨宁 YANG Ning, 尹可珂 YIN Keke, 游方舟YOU Fangzhou, 俞小蝶 YU Xiaodie, Alla Zakiullina, 张倩 文 ZHANG Qianwen 张世奇 ZHANG Shiqi, 张雅琦 ZHANG Yaqi, 郑璐 ZHENG Lu || Professor Francesca Valsecchi 魏佛蘭 教师