The Queue in the Toilets

Peeping Monster's Data Story

Day 1 - topicIn the first day, we brainstromed to decide what to do. We chose the topic that "why females always waiting in the washroom?" at last, because we thought it's interesting and meaningful.

Day 2 - dataIn order to know why females always waiting in the washroom, we decide to have a research on it. Firstly we list several factors that may influence, like time in toilet between different gender, people flow in environment, gender perception and toilet condition. Then we chose Kaide Plaza as our research place, because it's easy to go there.
As we chose Kaide Plaza as our target research place, people flow various between working day and weekend, morning and evening. So, we record 2 day's data, Tuesdays and Saturday to find out if there is anything different. For each recording, we surpervised the people flow in front of the plaza gate for 10mins and 30mins in toilet to get waiting and toilet time data.

Day 3 - Analysis

Day 4 - Data Structure and Vis After we get our raw data, we would like to visualize them and see what the data tells us. Then it comes to what kind of visualization is suitable for us to deliver the right data. For the people flow, we want to show the people amount and differences between genders. For the toilet time, we can't show every data, and average value will miss a lot of information. So we count people amounts in certain time area and compair two genders. For the influence of waiting time, we want to show people flow togeter with waiting time during the same time period. But they can't shar one xaxis, so we devided them but put them together.

Day 5 - Data Format and Dissemination At the end of organization, we decided to range the people flow, people in toilet, time in toilet at the same place to make it clear about their relationships. Also we make a comparision of waiting time in different days in a week, also have gender differences. In this process we used D3, echart, numbers and ingra to help us visualize them.

Project by AN Yan | LIU Xiaoyong | YANG Ning | ZHANG Qianwen

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