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Project Background

The fuse of this project is the attack happened in He Yi Hotel. On April 3, 2016, when Wanwan checked into the hotel, she was tracked by a strange man. After a while, the strange man grabbed and tear at her hair. The woman was screaming and asking for help, but the staff of the hotel did not stop it. Gradually, the increasing number of individuals surrounded and watched, Wanwan was saved by a female customer, and the unknown man fled. Afterwards, foreigners posted a small section of the video for such scandal, "when you do something, you are helping her. When you do nothing, you are helping him". After watching the video, we are feeling a mixture of things, thus, we start our project.
Our project is divided into two parts, the first part is the statistical analysis of woman attack incidents of 2014, 2015 and 2016; the second part is the statistical analysis of the questionnaire of social apathy problems.


Data Collection After determining the subject, we started to collect data. The main methods of searching information is watching news broadcasting and reading the news on the Internet. In the recent years, the incidents of women attack occur frequently, therefore, we searched the news reports since 2014. For 2016, the deadline of the news we searched is May 10. We collected 40 news reports each in 2014 and 2015, 20 reports in 2016, 100 news reports data in total. In the process of collecting data, we encountered many problems and resulted in numerous questions.
For example, whether the rough data collection is fair. The conclusion is that we did not gather information deliberately, so the data can accurately reflect in the commonality of these incidents. Some news is lack of information and one-sided, even the authenticity of news is suspicious, so we have filtered this data. Therefore, the 100 data can be referenced meaningfully.

Data visualization We mainly focus on three aspects: age, location and time. In the beginning, we generated graphics via data visualization website like raw and excel. In later period, we adjusted color and layout via software in order to achieve the best display effect.
Read more on the vis analysis in the full pdf datastory.

Questionnaire We can't help but to consider why there are so many women attacked incidents occurred, why there are so many onlookers, but few people are willing to help others. When we encounter such attacks, how to protect ourselves? how to persuade passers-by to help us? With these questions, we designed a questionnaire. The main topics of the questionnaire is set by a scene: a man pull a woman out in a public place.
Read more about the questionnaire process and results in the full pdf datastory.

The visualizations and our conclusions

Women security problems have attracted increasing more attentions, when it occurs it will trigger the condemnation of all walks of life, security alarm still knock does not ring, the violence continues to spread, which reveals Chinese society "cold" crisis. We hope to establish the relevance of women security problems and social apathy, by collecting data from age, time and place of the past three years and collecting data of women attacked incidents, and data collected from the research community for its apathy visualization. By visualizing, we hope to raise awareness of women's safety issues.

Project by QIN Lulu | HE Rongxing | HU Yunfeng | YING Keke

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